BCC32.EXE – C++ Compiler & Download Fix

In the world of programming, having a reliable C++ compiler is crucial for developers. However, errors and download issues can often arise, causing frustration and delaying progress. That’s where BCC32.EXE comes in, offering a solution to these problems.

exe and What Does it Do?

BCC32.EXE is a command-line C++ compiler that allows you to compile C++ programs and files on your system. It is part of the Borland C++ compiler suite and is commonly used by developers. The compiler comes with a range of options that allow you to configure the compilation process to suit your needs. You can specify the filename(s) of the source files and the output file(s) in the command-line interface. The compiler also supports configuration files that allow for more complex compilation setups. The command-line interface uses spaces and hyphens to separate the different parts of the compiler command-line options. The compiler is backward compatible and complies with the latest C++ standards. A download fix is available on the homepage of Richel Bilderbeek for users who encounter issues with the 64-bit version of the compiler.

exe Safe to Use?

When used properly, BCC32.EXE is safe to use. BCC32.EXE is a C++ compiler that can be downloaded from the Borland C++ page or from Richel Bilderbeek’s homepage. It’s designed to compile C++ programs on the Windows operating system. The program can compile 64-bit and 32-bit C++ programs, as well as ASM and OBJ files. You can use command-line options to configure the compiler as needed, including specifying filenames and path information. Configuration files can also be used to save frequently used options. Backward compatibility, standards compliance, and language compatibility are all important considerations when using BCC32.EXE, so be sure to check the command-line help for more information.


BCC32.EXE is a C++ compiler program used on Windows systems. If you’re having trouble downloading or using it, follow these instructions for a quick fix.

First, make sure to download the correct version of the compiler from the C++ page. BCC55 is an older version, while BCC32 is the most recent.

To use the compiler, navigate to the file location and enter the filename followed by your C++ program. Use the command-line compiler name to specify options, such as the interface with ASM files or OBJ.

For detailed information on command-line options, check the command-line help. The compiler is backward compatible and compliant with C++ standards, making it a reliable choice for C++ files.

Remember to use slashes instead of spaces or hyphens in filenames and options. Configuration files, such as CFG, are also available to customize the compiler for your machine.

Finally, use the source file and link file to create your program, and pass options using slashes and hfiles. The compiler also supports the C extension as the default.


BCC32.EXE is a command-line C++ compiler used to create executable files from C++ programs. To download the compiler, visit the C++ page on the Embarcadero website. If you encounter issues during download, try using a different browser or clearing your cache. The BCC55 C++ compiler is also available for 64-bit Axxx systems. To use the BCC32.EXE compiler, navigate to the directory containing your C++ program and enter “BCC32 sourcefile.cpp”. The compiler command-line options are preceded by a hyphen or a slash. The configuration file for the compiler is CFG. The compiler supports ASM and C extension files. Use -hfiles to generate header files. To pass an option to the linker, use -l. The default machine is set to 80386.

exe Errors

Error Code Error Message Possible Cause Solution
0xC0000005 Access Violation Memory issues, DLL conflicts Update drivers, check for DLL conflicts, repair registry
0xC0000135 Missing DLL Missing or corrupted DLL files Download and install missing DLL files, repair registry
0xC000007B Application unable to start Missing or corrupted system files, incompatible software Run a system file checker tool, uninstall incompatible software, repair registry
0x80070002 File not found Missing or corrupted files, incorrect file path Check file path, download and install missing files, repair registry
0x80004005 Unspecified error Registry errors, virus infections, system conflicts Scan for viruses, repair registry, perform system file check, update drivers
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